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Mother Approved Luxury Skin Care

Being a new mother has to be one of the busiest jobs on the planet. At least it was for me. I was constantly researching and trying to find the best products to use for my baby girl. It's like all of a sudden, I was super serious about leading a nontoxic lifestyle. However, the access to and options for non-toxic, vegan and baby friendly products were few in my community. This is when I became super informed and passionate about crafting my own body care products.

Vanna Rose Body Shop was born out of my struggle as a new mother and obsession with finding nontoxic affordable skin and body care products for my family. I was tired of searching for the best products for my baby and I when I knew I had the means and talent to make them myself. I owe my strength and determination to find the perfect ingredients for each of my products to my baby girl, which is why I named the company after her. I strongly stand by the quality and nature of Vanna Rose Body Shop.

We started this company to bring awareness and accessibility of organic, vegan friendly products to minority communities. Affordability and product knowledge are what hinder most people of color from seeking luxurious skin care items. 

Not only are our products cruelty free, vegan and organic but they're made with loving intentions. Not only will you look good, you'll feel amazing. 

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  • I love love love this!!! So many of us moms want the best for not only our children but ourselves. Thank you Vicky for letting your love and passion come to life for us!!!

    Jacqueline Beck

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